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13th Aug 2022

Ex-teacher who got pregnant by former student plans to film birth so it can be taught in schools

Kieran Galpin

The video will be available on her website

An ex-teacher who became pregnant with her former student’s child has said she plans to film the birth so it can be “taught in schools.”

Amy Kupps claims that she was sacked from her teaching job after her bosses discovered her OnlyFans account. She was teaching 13 to 14-year-olds at the time. Now six months pregnant, the North Carolina local said she plans to film the birth with numerous cameras she will place around her living room.

The self-declared “home wrecker” fell pregnant after sleeping with a guy she met in a nightclub before realising the next day that he was a former student of hers.

“I’m doing it so I can share the experience with my fans,” she told “The gender will be a surprise as I don’t want to know until the baby is born. But I think and hope it’s a girl.”

The baby is set to arrive in early November, at which point Kupps will upload the footage to her website.

Explaining on Instagram, she wrote: “This may come across as a controversial post and rightfully so!” she wrote on Instagram.


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A post shared by Amy Kupps (@amy.kupps93)

“Being a former teacher I miss some aspects of the job such as giving knowledge… Besides my former curriculum I’ve also studied health and science.

“I’m announcing to everyone that I will be filming the birth for educational purposes on my website.

“Some may look at it from a fetish standpoint but I’m looking at it from an educational standpoint the last time I seen a birthing video was from the 70’s in Junior High School.

“I’m sure that video still circulates in schools.”

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