Every Brit 'needs to drink 124 pints' to save the nation's pubs after lockdown 4 months ago

Every Brit 'needs to drink 124 pints' to save the nation's pubs after lockdown

124 pints you say? Don't mind if I do

It's been a rough year or so for the hospitality industry, we realised how much we take it for granted, and it's been an absolute joy to be back in beer gardens and will soon be allowed indoors (just a few days now).


That being said, there's still plenty of work to be done in order to ensure the safety of our beloved public houses and, fortunately, most of it involves nothing more than lifting your forearm.

According to financial experts, Company Debt, it is estimated that every adult in the UK needs to drink 124 pints this summer to give the pub sector the cash injection it needs to reach pre-pandemic levels and get back on its feet.

The number in question is £25.66 billion, at least: this is how much was lost in pumps not pulled and pints poured away throughout the pandemic. This equates to 6,512,690,355 pints that never made their way into our bellies nor publican pockets.

Last month, we reported that 87 million glasses of the gods' sweet nectar had been wasted during lockdown and, from that day forth, we swore never not a single drop more would go undrank on our watch. Thankfully, now, we have a genuine economic reason—nay, a social responsibility to have as many crisp, cold pints as we like. It's for the good of the nation.

Of course, beer isn't for everyone and though we've certainly filled our boots since the first pubs reopened on April 12th, we're aware that it's not for everyone. Luckily, Company Debt put together a list of alternatives in this lovely little poster:


Company Debt's 'Your Local Pub Needs You' poster

That's right, if you don't fancy drinking your weight in beer, you order 122 glasses of wine or even just sack off one night of weekend cooking for a proper Sunday roast at your local.

There'll be plenty of ways you can still contribute to bolstering our beloved pubs, just make sure you do at least some of them - staying indoors is so 2020.

There were more than 10,000 permanent hospitality closures by January this year - 2,500 of those being pubs. You can play your part in making not another one has to face the same fate by simply going out and enjoying yourself.

Roll on May 17th and, even better still, June 21st!