Social distancing will be 'personal choice' from next week, confirms Boris Johnson 1 year ago

Social distancing will be 'personal choice' from next week, confirms Boris Johnson

The prime minister has announced that England is on track for easing restrictions from 17 May

From the 17 May, a range of restrictions will be eased as the government takes the next step in its "cautious but irreversible" route out of lockdown following analysis of new data.


The country is heading in the right direction, with the Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation advising the nation's risk level has also been moved down to level 3.

At a press conference this evening, prime minister Boris Johnson confirmed England is moving into stage three of the plan out of the pandemic.

You'll be able to meet in the pub in groups of six, or with two other households - so no more cold pints in the rain.


Groups of 30 people will now be allowed, and the majority of hospitality sectors will reopen, including pubs, bars, and restaurants indoors.

Gigs are back on, with entertainment, theatres, concert halls, and large stadiums allowed to reopen with capacity limits.

University students still studying before the summer will finally be allowed to return to face-to-face teaching.


And when it comes to hugging your family, friends, and partners, the government have now said that this will be now on "personal judgement" on the risks of doing so.

This means hugging your friends and family are back on the cards, over. year on from the start of the pandemic.