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20th Jul 2022

Elon Musk gives the perfect response to trolls mocking his shirtless holiday pictures


Elon Musk topless


It would seem an ongoing Twitter lawsuit isn’t stopping the richest man in the world from having a good time, nor has it put a dent in his sense of humour, as Elon Musk was quick to shrug off those mocking some recent shirtless snaps.

The 51-year-old billionaire looked to be on his jollies in Mykonos, Greece over the weekend when some pictures of him topless and enjoying a refreshing beverage on a yacht began circulating the internet.

People on social media seemed to take great amusement in observing his rather pale complexion:

Musk was reportedly on holiday with a small group that included fashion designer Sarah Staudinger and her husband Ari Emanuel when the images were taken, according to Page Six.

No stranger to a meme himself and having even appeared on Saturday Night Live, you can often find Musk’s unique sense of humour scattered over Twitter feeds. That being said, whilst this might not have been his best comeback, he was more than willing to face up to the social media pile-on.

As you can see, Musk made light of all the attention the pictures have been getting my suggesting he should go shirtless more often, as well as quipping “free the nip”.

However, we have to say we preferred this exchange much more:

We’re not one for body shaming in any way, shape or form and while Musk might not be everyone’s favourite character (we don’t reckon many people have a ‘favourite billionaire’), at least he was willing to take it on the chin and give a bit back.

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