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08th Jul 2019

Here’s how it would look if Donald Trump married Melania’s wooden statue instead

Ciara Knight

Melania Stump

Someone has used a chainsaw to carve a life size statue of Melania Trump. That is what has happened. That is what we know.

The results are very much what you would expect.

In Slovenia, the country of her birth, this statue has been carved (with a chainsaw) out of a tree.

Standing proud at nine feet tall, it is impossible to ignore this faceless being, which commemorates the First Lady of the United States of America.

Naturally, the most logical progression here is to replace all existing photographs of Melania Trump with her statue dedication, for science, and imagine that Donald Trump had actually married a wooden statue of Melania, rather than her human form.

Truly, the results speak for themselves.

*Bonus Cursed Image*