Burger King has a new 'Christmas menu' and there's not a bit of turkey in sight 5 years ago

Burger King has a new 'Christmas menu' and there's not a bit of turkey in sight

We bloody love Christmas.

But if there's one thing that we can't stick it's eating dry, chewy turkey left-overs for weeks and weeks on end after the big day.


So this year we're contemplating stuffing the turkey and going to Burger King where they've cooked up their own 'Christmas menu' of sorts... and it's a turkey-free zone.

Instead of the usual Christmassy fayre that other places roll out year on year (cranberry saucing everything and some burnt-to-a-crisp pigs in blankets) they've gone for the cheese. Good old fashioned British cheddar cheese.

They've packed it into everything onto the limited edition menu that's out for the festive period, including three special new burgers and a side.


If we were going to be picky, we'd have liked them to have slapped a cheesecake on there for dessert. But beggars can't be choosers, as they say.

This is what we're dealing with...

Cheddar Whopper

It's like your classic Whopper burger but they've just cheesed it up real good. On top of your standard Whopper beef patty, there's a four cheese patty, cheddar cheese sauce and even a bright orange cheese-infused bun...along with cheese-free lettuce and tomato.




Cheddar Tendercrisp chicken

If that Whopper shoehorned slightly too much cheese onto one burger for you, then this is probably a seven on the cheese scale.


It's got a chicken breast on there, that four cheese patty and a layer of cheese sauce alongside tomato, lettuce and mayo.


Smokey BBQ Angus

Christmas has come early here. It's got a thick Angus patty, a shit-ton of bacon, lashings of American cheese and some tangy BBQ sauce and crispy onions to finish it off.


Nacho bites

If you can only hack your cheese in bite-sized chunks, there's no need to feel ashamed. They've given the nacho cheese bites a Cheddar twist.

All these are going to be rolled out in a Burger King near you from November 16. Burgers are going for £4.49 or £6.99 as part of a meal. You can get 4 nacho bites for £1.99 or 6 for £2.89.

You'll never have to eat turkey again.

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