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26th Sep 2022

Body mod enthusiast says son rejected her after she became the world’s first ‘dragon’ person

Steve Hopkins

Tiamat Legion Medusa said people ‘automatically assume’ she’s ‘a loser’

A former banker who pivoted to become the world’s first ‘dragon’ person has told how she’s now been disowned by her son.

Tiamat Legion Medusa turned her back on her career in her late 40s and underwent a series of extreme body modifications, including gets her eyes tattooed, to realise her goal of becoming the ‘Dragon Lady’.

Medusa, who is from the US, is now suffering the consequences of that decision. It’s ruined the relationship she had with her son who she hadn’t been in touch with for seven years.

Speaking to Anthony Padilla for his YouTube channel, Medusa explained how she had 79 piercings while working as a vice president at one of the largest banks in the nation.

Most of them “were hidden” or she would take them out while she was at work, she said, before adding that she is now “living [her] life as the freak that [she is]” and says she’s “proudly a freak”.

While working at the bank, Medusa found out she was HIV positive and her life took a bad turn: “I went from being an excellent employee at the bank who never missed a day to someone who was missing two or three days a week,” she explained to Padilla.

She eventually left the job, saying she nearly died while receiving treatment.

The experience, Medusa said, made her realise she “didn’t want to die looking human because being human has been such a negative part of [her] life”. She wanted to die “looking like a reptilian”.

But, that pursuit hasn’t come without consequences

Medusa explained how she’s had people who “don’t know [her]” judge her because of her appearance and “automatically assume” she’s “a loser” or that she has “never accomplished anything in life”, is  “ignorant” or “probably didn’t graduate from high school”.

But the biggest impact has been on her relationship with her son.

Medusa said: “At that time when I started my transformation, my son had already turned 16, and he rejected me at that point in my life,” she said.

The ‘Dragon Lady’ said her son hadn’t been in her life for seven years.

She hopes he is “at least watching [her] on the internet because the reason [she’s] out there in such a big way is for him, primarily”.

Medusa explained: “So that he can see what his dad’s doing, his weird-looking, strange, used to be a man, is now a woman, is now a reptilian, dad,”

Near the end of the interview, Medusa reached out to her son with a personal message, saying: “I would like to say first of all, ‘Son, I’m sorry for the mistakes that I’ve made in life. I own up to all of them, I don’t make excuses for any of them, but it’s those very mistakes that have made me the awesome person that I am now.

“I’m hoping that you’ll give me the chance at some point in your life, and know that I’m always here waiting with wings open for you’.”

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