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25th May 2019

Argos is selling a gazebo with a built-in bar for a bargain price


Now that’s a fine looking gazebo. Why doesn’t mine look like that?

Summer is here and you know what that means. It means it is time to buy a gazebo. And erect that gazebo. And sit underneath that gazebo in the shade. And drink something.

(If you want a gazebo that is. Don’t feel peer pressured into buying a gazebo. That’s not cool.)

And fortunately enough, Argos have just the thing for you. Even better yet, they’ve slashed the price. Good news all round.

Not intending to sound like a QVC presenter, this Argos Home Bar Gazebo, Table & Chairs Set would usually set you back £330. 

Now it’s less than 200 quid. £197.99 to be exact. Yeah, we’ll race you to an Argos.

Here it is, anyway. Admittedly not looking particularly sexy without the garden backdrop.

See what we mean?

Stick it in the garden and stock it up with alcohol though and you’re on to a winner. The metal frame of the gazebo even has a built-in wine rack and ventilated roof. It’s practically begging you to sit underneath it and a have a bev.

Before you do go sprinting to your nearest Argos, however, do keep in mind that the £132 price drop offer is only available until 4 June.

Ok, now you can go.