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24th Jan 2022

Aldi is selling a heated dressing gown and it’s a perfect winter warmer

April Curtin

The Kirkton House Heated Coat' is now available to buy at Aldi

It’s got nine different temperature settings… nine

You know those things you don’t realise you need until you see them and then you really, really need them?

Well, this is definitely one of those things.

With January appearing to be never-ending again this year and temperatures dropping below freezing – it seems winter isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

Aldi has come to our rescue with one of its Specialbuys. This time, in the form of a heated coat.

Behold: The Heated Throw with Sleeves

The Kirkton House Heated Coat is the supermarket’s bid to “fight off the winter chills”, according to a post on its website.

Describing the luxury heated item, Aldi said: “This soft, cosy and heated coat not only looks great, but is practical too. All you have to do is wrap it around you, set your ideal temperature, and enjoy that warm and cosy feeling.”

The flannel fleece alone looks cosy, but when you plug it in the party really gets started. With nine different temperature levels that you can digitally control, the coat will keep you at your optimum temperature all day long.

Shoppers are already going wild for the winter staple with the £35.99 item already selling out in light grey.

Currently, it’s available on the Aldi website in cream.