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18th Feb 2016

A UK company is hiring for what sounds like the best job ever

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Do you like going on nights on the town, taking part in adrenaline-seeking activities and getting paid to do something on a full-time basis that the average man pays through the nose to do only a few times in his life?

If you said yes to all the above questions, then the job of stag do test pilot may be the one for you.

UK company Stagweb currently have a vacancy for the aforementioned stag do test pilot and though every job is made to sound a little better when advertised than it actually is in real-life, this one sounds like a bit of a doozy.


In their efforts to provide their groups with the best party experiences possible, Stagweb say they are raising the bar with regard to the epic stag activities and nightlife action on offer.

These activities, which include driving go karts, attending pub crawls, dodging paintballs and piloting jet aircraft, need to be tried and tested, of course and that’s where the job applicant comes in.


Successful candidates will be required to demonstrate, amongst other things, a sense of adventure, serious partying credentials and an ability to laugh in the face of fear, while a reasonable alcohol tolerance will also be beneficial.

As well as all the good things outlined above, there will be a small bit of admin and paperwork involved, but we’re sure interested candidates would put up with a bit of that with what they’re getting in return.

You can have a look in more detail here.

As they say themselves, it’s a tough job, but somebody’s got to do it…