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13th Mar 2016

New survey reveals how long you should wait before farting in front of your partner

Matt Tate

New relationships are notoriously complicated beasts.

You’ve obviously sussed each other out enough to know that there are no conflicting political allegiances serious enough to cause a plate fight during the 10 o’clock news, and you know how a Super Sunday in your boxers is likely to be received.

But there is one relationship taboo that has remained shrouded in mystery for generations – at what point does it become acceptable to unleash an unholy fart in front of your partner?


Thankfully, we might finally have an answer. A study by Mic used Google Forms to ask more than 125 people in their 20s and 30s when exactly is the right time to let your gases run free.

The majority – 29% – said that you’re safe any time between two to six months, but 25% said they may wait six to 12 months before deciding the time is right. That’s a lot of politely excusing yourself from the room.

Brilliantly, 19% of the participants said they would only fart once they had heard their partner do the same, which means that all over the world there are couples waging farting standoffs with one another, just waiting for someone to blink.

And they say romance is dead.