14 wholesome '2009 vs 2019' memes to distract you from Brexit 2 years ago

14 wholesome '2009 vs 2019' memes to distract you from Brexit

Merry 2019 to you and yours x

We're barely into 2019 a wet week and already we've got a handful of viral memes to occupy our lives with. The latest is the excruciatingly self-indulgent '2009 vs 2019' challenge.


Basically, people go back through their decade-old Facebook photos to find an image of themselves looking slightly less hot than they are now, then post it alongside a very hot recent picture.

It's the latest expression of self-indulgence in what is sure to be a very vain and insufferable year, with many more to come. Still, we must let the good looking people of the world have their fun in any way they see fit. The rest of us can just watch.

Here's the best 2009 vs 2019 memes I could come up with in a bid to subtly decry the whole concept whilst also distracting the nation from the current Brexit shitshow.

Ice Cube in 2009 vs Ice Cube in 2019


Yeah he melted.


Benjamin Button in 2009 vs Benjamin Button in 2019

Lol do you get it? Ok good.



The cast of Lost in 2009 vs the cast of Lost in 2019

I still don't understand what the ending meant.



Maude Flanders

DIP (Diddly in peace).



Ecce Homo in 2009 vs Ecce Homo in 2019

The important thing to remember is that the old lady tried her best.


Bruce Willis in 2009 vs Bruce Willis in 2019

Still would, tbqh.


Piers Morgan in 2009 vs Piers Morgan in 2019

Too easy.


A Nokia 3310 in 2009 vs a Nokia 3310 in 2019

Must be an old battery.


An avocado in 2009 vs an avocado in 2019

Still not ripe. Any day now.


Prince George in 2009 vs Prince George in 2019

Do you get it? Ok good.


RMS Titanic in 2009 vs RMS Titanic in 2019


Still underwater.


Simon Cowell in 2009 vs Simon Cowell in 2019

Yes, I am available for PhotoShop work. Competitive pricing.


The Very Hungry Caterpillar in 2009 vs the Very Hungry Caterpillar in 2019

Still hungry, but has undergone chrysalis.


Freddo in 2009 vs Freddo in 2019*

*Projected figure based on reliable data.