Gamer tracks down old Halo 2 friend after years, finds out he died 8 months ago

Gamer tracks down old Halo 2 friend after years, finds out he died

Halo 2 - a great game for numerous reasons

A gamer spent years trying to track down an old pal he used to play Halo 2 with - only to find out the man had passed away and given his account to his nephew.


Friends you make in online games are often friends you never meet in person and yet, for some reason, you care deeply for the individual if only to keep your kill-streak alive.

Lee Fabela had been searching for his Halo 2 pal for years and when Xbox added a Gamertag search feature, he was able to track him down.

Unfortunately for Fabela, he didn't get the response he was looking for and he posted the interaction on Facebook with a touching tribute.


His Facebook post read: I was looking for him for years, Xbox finally added a search bar that gives you Gamertag suggestions. I looked him up and sent him a message thinking I would get a reply back, and maybe play Halo again like the good old days."

But things weren't meant to be.

"It's always sad to find out an old xbox friend has died," he confirmed.


"I was like 11 years old when I started playing with him, He was in his 40s, While everyone ignored me because I was a squeaker, He would play with me, and when someone older would talk shit to me, He would jump in, He was the coolest person ever.

"I destroyed everyone's ass on Halo 2, but this guy was just as good, Only person to ever come close, Dude was a beast with the sniper, When we ran together, We never lost a game. I consider this man the best online friend I have ever had, a true Halo 2 legend.

He concluded: "It sucks I didn't get to talk to him one last time. I think he would want me to play with his nephew now. F**k Leukemia."

His friend, now identified only as Shaun, had passed away from leukaemia the year before and had passed his Xbox onto his nephew.


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