WATCH: Mick McCarthy tells own fans to "f*ck off" after goal 3 years ago

WATCH: Mick McCarthy tells own fans to "f*ck off" after goal

This is hilarious.

Mick McCarthy is a man very much set in his ways.


And those ways are simply being extremely Mick McCarthy.

Mick McCarthy, I imagine, hasn't bought a pair of shoes in over 10 years.

Mick McCarthy has only ever seen one film, Titanic, which he thought was a comedy.

Mick McCarthy being all Mick McCarthy all the time to the absolute limit.

Mick McCarthy. His favourite colour brown. His favourite holiday destination the garden. Favourite food, yep, that's right, breadsticks.

Would you like anything with those breadsticks, Mick?


"Water please"

Is sparkling ok?

"Lukewarm tap water is fine."

Is Mick McCarthy the only manager in world football who would swear at his own fans after what looked like an 89th minute winner in a fiercely contested local derby?

Yes, Mick McCarthy is the only manager who would do that.


Traversing the entire spectrum of human emotion - from giddy ecstasy to pure, physical rage - in less than two seconds. That's Mick McCarthy.

That's extremely Mick McCarthy.

Watch, and then cherish him forever.