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04th Jul 2017

Turns out we’ve all been storing our tomatoes the wrong way

A simple trick can help make them last longer

Laura Holland

Did you know this?

Most people would just put their newly bought tomatoes in the fridge or in a container without thinking about their positioning. Well, it turns out we’ve all been overlooking one thing and it could help prolong the life of the tomato.

YouTube chef J. Kenji López-Alt has said that the key to keeping them fresh for longer is storing them upside down, with the stalk end on the bottom.

So, remove any excess stalk and place the tomato stalk side down. The stalk end should be touching a flat surface.

He explained that the skin of the tomato keeps the tomato juicy. By keeping on the stem, or leaving the stem side open to air, it allows those juices to evaporate and the tomato to become wrinkled.

Here he is to explain further: