Turns out we've been making cheese toasties wrong this whole time 4 years ago

Turns out we've been making cheese toasties wrong this whole time

We've been making it wrong all along.

We’re huge fans of the cheese toastie - which is why we were pretty shocked to find out we’ve been making it wrong.


The easy-to-make snack, or occasionally whole meal, is one of the most traditional kinds of comfort foods.

There’s plenty of extra ingredients that can be added to the classic bread/cheese combo, from a dash of chilli flakes to chunks of chorizo, salami or even chicken, among many others.

Or just piles and piles of cheese - that’s always good too.


But while everyone has their own variations on the recipe, the one thing that almost everyone does is coat the outside with butter - just so they will be that extra bit crispier.

This is apparently where we’ve been going very, very wrong.

It turns out slathering our bread in mayonnaise before toasting it would make the cheese toastie crisper and more delicious.


Food writer Tristan Lutz explained to Australian news site news.au that doing this would make the bread brown more evenly, burn less quickly - and won’t tear a hole in the bread while trying to spread it.

And to make things even better, using whole egg mayonnaise makes sure that you won’t be sacrificing any flavour by making the switch.