There's a new cake flavoured Ben & Jerry's and it's on sale 3 years ago

There's a new cake flavoured Ben & Jerry's and it's on sale

It might be freezing outside but people are still craving ice cream.

Ben & Jerry's are on the top of our shopping lists after two new flavours was spotted in Sainsbury's in the UK. They are Birthday Cake and Pretzel Palooza.


You can probably guess what the Birthday Cake flavour entails: "Vanilla cake batter ice cream with pink frosting, strawberry swirls and cake pieces."

As for Pretzel Palooza, that's described as: "Vanilla malt ice cream, with chocolate hazelnut swirl, chocolate covered pretzel chunks, chocolatey chunks and a spoonable chocolate topping."

The two new flavours were spotted by @newfoodsuk in a Sainsbury's, who then shared the good news with fans on Instagram.

The review of the Birthday Cake, from NewFoodsUK, is as good as you could hope.


They wrote: "So my expectations was really high for this, because it sounds amazing!! And guess what? It was!! The cake pieces are incredible, and the frosting swirl is so tasty! As for the ice cream, it really has a nice flavour to it! It's just so tasty, overall it's one of my favourite Ben and Jerry's yet!!... 9/10"

They're currently available in select stores in the UK and on sale for just £4.