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08th Apr 2016

This new Domino’s pizza-ordering app is for the next-level lazy among us

Wait, I ordered how many?

Matt Tate

In the future, when we’re all 50-per-cent-metal cyborgs, it’s easy to imagine that all you’ll need to do is think about a pizza in order to have one land at your front door.

Technology isn’t quite that advanced yet, but Domino’s are hellbent on making the entire pizza-ordering process as effortless as humanly possible. Their latest project in this quest is the “Zero Clicks” app.

Forget for a second that smartphones as we know them are almost universally touchscreen devices that we never have to click anyway (Zero Taps – you know where to find us, Domino’s marketing department), and you have an app that only requires you to open it up to make an order. Behold:

Obviously, there’s a a setup process. After downloading the app you’ll need to link it to your Domino’s account and select your favourite pizza so it knows what to order. Once that’s done, you’re good to go.


There is a small problem, though. The fact that you don’t have to sign in means that anyone can make an order. It’s also terrifyingly easy to accidentally activate something on your phone when it’s in your pocket – just ask Joleon Lescott.

The app does offer a 10-second cancellation window, but forget to lock your phone in the car and you run the very real risk of arriving home to a tower of steaming pepperoni at your front door.

Laziness comes at a price.