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05th Feb 2018

Sweet dreams are made of this: Dessert genius creates Creme Egg pizza

And yes the sauce is Nutella-based

Oli Dugmore

And yes the sauce is Nutella-based.

A culinary genius has decided to make a pizza with Creme Egg for topping. Inspired.

The treat combines a flan base, warm Nutella sauce, ice cream, topped with a variety of sweets including Creme Eggs and sprinkles.

The 2,200-calorie gooey pudding is the work of ice cream man Ricky Hughes.

Served in a takeaway pizza box and cut into slices, there’s enough to serve between six and 10 people.

His sweet pizza creations have whipped up a storm on social media with a steady stream of sweet-toothed fans raving about his masterpieces.

And it’s not just Creme Egg pizzas on offer. He also makes Galaxy Caramel and Forrero Rocher versions – basically any sweet treat pizza. Ricky Hughes, who calls himself “Mr Ricky, Prince of Desserts,” makes the pizzas in his ice cream van in Colwyn Bay, north Wales.

“It’s by far our most popular creation, we are selling between ten and 15 every night,” said the ice cream man, who added the £8 dessert to the menu three weeks ago.

“The feedback has been great, lots of five-star reviews online and customers coming back for more. Some love it so much they have been ordering three or four times a week.”

Mr Hughes, 28, said he was inspired while picking up ingredients at the cash and carry.