Stay calm but you can now get an Easter egg that has gin 5 years ago

Stay calm but you can now get an Easter egg that has gin

Chocolate and gin. Know anyone that loves both?

G - Get.


I - It.

N - Now.

That's probably the instant reaction that gin lovers are having after hearing the news that you can now buy an Easter egg that contains gin. Yes, that's right!


If you're still looking for some gift inspiration ahead of Easter, this Easter egg will definitely appeal to anyone in your life that adores both chocolate and gin. Know anyone that fits that description?

Ok, so what do you get for the cost of £16.99? Well, the Prestat London Gin Egg  has 37% cocoa that's made from a unique blend of single origin beans. After cracking opening the lemon flavoured chocolate shell, you'll be able to gorge on Prestat's London Gin Truffles.

If you're looking to get your hands on this Easter egg,  they'er currently on sale at Ocado.

We're certain that people will absolutely tear their house apart on Easter morning while searching for this.


Damn Easter Bunny, hiding all of that delicious chocolate and gin.