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30th Mar 2017

Sky News made an omelette to try and explain Brexit, but they massively f*cked it

Perhaps the worst omelette of all time

Rich Cooper

Brexit is complicated to say the least.

As we’ve all learned over the last nine months, leaving the EU is not just a simple matter of handing in our notice and shooting off.

We’ve been tied to 27 other nations for so long now that untangling all of those relationships will take a lot of time, effort and endless talking.

Sky News had a crack at explaining the situation through the metaphor of an omelette, made up of British eggs, French butter, Spanish cheese, and so on.

It’s a decent enough analogy, but instead of making a light, fluffy and tasty-looking snack, they burned the poor sod to a crisp.


This is what a nice omelette should look like.


And this is what Sky News made.



A few people on Twitter certainly noticed the sub-optimal omelette.


But maybe the point Sky News was making was that if the EU were an omelette, it would be an overcooked one.

Of course there has to be some impartiality on the news, but maybe the person who made the omelette isn’t a bad cook, but actually a very cunning fox.