Salt Bae is at it again, this time with cheese 3 years ago

Salt Bae is at it again, this time with cheese

A very necessary lift trip

You know, Salt Bae. He was everywhere a few years ago, or something. Sprinkling salt over Leo Dicaprio's shoulder onto gratuitously large cuts of meat. Sizzle.


Tight white t shirt, pince-nez, salt. A winning combination. Like coffee and cigarettes, or idiots and exercise balls.

Nusret Gokce is a chef and proprietor of salt. Now he's the burger business. Big old burgers, with cheese. Cheese that cascades over two storeys and onto ground beef. Observe.

Nusret grills that patty with panache. It's a big boy as well, a real big boy.

And when he's done Nusret wants to put some cheese on top of it. So he melts some cheese, right, he melts cheese and then gets in a lift. He rides the lift to the second floor and the cheese falls, a cheesefall, onto the cooked patty.


Nusret has served you a cheeseburger.

Push it to the limits.