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25th Aug 2020

Poll of Britain’s favourite pasta shapes sparks spicy debate, and rightly so

You can't trust people, Jeremy, they like Coldplay and voted for Fussili as the best pasta in a YouGov poll, bringing shame on the nation

Reuben Pinder

*Conte hands*

The people of Britain have spoken. Polling company YouGov poll asked Britons their preferred shapes of pasta and the results are in. Fusilli – the twirly one – is Britain’s favourite shape of pasta, winning 19 per cent of the vote.

The results sparked outrage from fans of carbohydrate based nourishment on Twitter, and understandably so.

The other four pasta shapes to finish in the top five were as follows: Spaghetti (15%), Penne (11%), Tagliatelle (10%), Tortellini (7%).

First of all, tortellini has no business being in this poll. Stuffed pasta cannot be compared to its unstuffed culinary brethren. Its quality is completely dependent on its stuffing. Spinach and ricotta? Mammia mia. Wild mushrooms? Not for me, Clive. How can a pasta with such varied forms be entered into this poll? Null and void.

Secondly, don’t tell me anyone enjoys eating spaghetti more than say, penne or farfalle. It’s a needlessly chaotic food, a complete fraud, only up there by default because its name is in the generic bolognese dish. Bolognese is infinitely better with any other pasta shape. Don’t @ me.

It shouldn’t even be eligible. Surely it can have its own mini poll, with tagliatelle and other ribbon-like pasta shapes.

This whole poll is a shambles and quite frankly an insult to the nation of Italy, as many Twitter users pointed out.