Nando's is giving away free chicken to A-level students today 3 years ago

Nando's is giving away free chicken to A-level students today

Celebrate/console yourself with chicken! Free chicken!

So it's a bit stressful isn't it, A-level results day.


Not because you have to go and pick up your results, that bit is fine to be honest, but because you have to endure approximately four thousand tweets from celebrities about how they completely and utterly fucked their exams but things still somehow turned out ok.

Exhibit A, Jeremy Clarkson:

Which gives us only one possible response, really.


My advice to A-level students would, therefore, be to stay off twitter. Oh, and get yourself down to Nando's, because they are giving away free chicken and, don't worry, halloumi for vegetarians. Or people that just really love halloumi. Even more so than chicken.

The offer is available to all students in England, Wales and Northern Ireland and all you need to do is bring in your results sheet for A-level or any B-TEC equivalent.

Be warned, you will have to spend a minimum of £7 to claim your free quarter chicken or halloumi, but fuck it. You've passed your exams, you're off to university, you need something to line your stomach before this evening. Do it properly, do it right.

Get the chicken and/or halloumi in. It'd be rude not to.