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06th Apr 2018

McDonald’s are trialling chicken nuggets for breakfast

Jade Hayden

Dreams do come true, it seems.

If you’ve ever popped into McDonald’s early in the morning before work (who among us hasn’t, right?), you’ve probably wondered why you can’t buy chicken nuggets before 10.30am.

It’s tough, it’s heartbreaking, it’s just generally a questionable move on their part.

Sure, you can sink your teeth into a sausage and egg McMuffin, about 10 hash browns, or a toastie but chances are what you really want is a box of 6 (or 20, whichever) nuggets.

And soon, you may be able to get them.

At least in Australia anyway, but sure look, we can head over whenever, not a big deal like.

Some McDonald’s restaurants down under are currently trialling chicken nuggets for breakfast and we can only assume that it’s going down quite well.

Pretty52 reports that the succulent nuggs are currently available all day long in Australia – and fair play to them like, they know what their customers want and they are absolutely giving it to them.

And while there doesn’t seem to be any plan (as of yet) to bring the all-day nuggets to the UK, we can only dream, hope, and wait impatiently until they do.

One day, guys. One day.