It turns out we've been pronouncing the names of these chocolate bars wrong 2 years ago

It turns out we've been pronouncing the names of these chocolate bars wrong

It's LeviosA, not Leviosa, etc.

After the news that Creme Eggs are pronounced 'Crem Eggs' rocked the world, the news that Creme Eggs are indeed pronounced 'Cream Eggs' subsequently came and rocked the world once more.

It was all just a big misunderstanding, guys. Quench the tiki torches. We're good.

But how do you pronounce the nation's favourite chocolate bars? I got in touch with the manufacturers to make sure we're all on the same page.

Kit Kat

Expert says: "It's actually pronounced 'Kite-Kate', but we had to shorten the spelling so that the name would fit on the logo. Not a lot of people know that".



Expert says: "Tob-lee-rone", with a hard 'e'. Obviously the bar originates from Switzerland and they have a very hard stance on tackling ecstasy addiction, so they always pronounce the letter 'e' very harshly.



Expert says: "Now I'm sure this one will ruffle a few feathers. It's actually pronounced 'To-pick', as in which chocolate bar to pick. We've been making the bars smaller in recent years so had to lose a letter".



Expert says: "Yeah it's just 'Twirl'".



Expert says: "The 'x' is actually silent in Twix. So it's more like 'twee'. This comes from the bar's French origins, where typically they don't pronounce the last letter of most words. It's nuts. Well no, it's actually biscuit and caramel".



Expert says: "Demon. Obviously the spelling is a little off, but that's due to the Swedish roots. Some people are inclined to call it a 'Dime' bar, but that's incorrect".



Expert says: "So we pronounce this one as 'vile'".



Expert says: "This is pronounced like 'Champ', it's just the spelling that throws people off. It's spelled how a posh person would say it, but don't feel as though you should conform. It's Champ".



Expert says: "So this one is actually pronounced exactly how it's spelled, except you must only ever say it in a whisper. Seems crazy but that's how the manufacturers prefer it".



Expert says: "We say this as 'Overpriced'. Little bit different to the product name's spelling but that's how we in the industry have always referred to it".


Many thanks to the chocolate pronunciation expert for helping us today!