Here's what Prince George gets to eat for lunch in school every day 9 months ago

Here's what Prince George gets to eat for lunch in school every day

On seventeen grand a year, you'd be hoping for something decent.

And in fairness, this menu does sound decent enough. If you were lucky enough to receive a lunch in school and didn't have to bring a few soggy sandwiches in a broken lunch box every day, good for you.

We're going to go ahead and assume though that what you were given in school wasn't a patch on what Prince George has been getting over at Thomas's.

The school's sample menus can be found here in full (yes, that's how many options they have), but here are a few standout items from the list.

"Freshly Prepared Beef Meatballs Cooked In An Italian Sauce with Grated Organic Cheese/Crudités

"Steamed Fibre Rich Whole Wheat Pasta

"Freshly Prepared Free Range Chicken and Mushroom Topped with Sauté Potato and Mini Corn On The Cob

"Freshly Prepared Authentic Turkey Tikka Masala with Steamed Fine French Green Beans and Rice

"Oven Baked 100% Pork Sausages Served with A ketchup Portion Steamed Peas and Carrot Rounds with Chip Shop Style Chips."

Sounds very decent indeed.


The menu also includes vegetarian and vegan options in the form of:

"Freshly Prepared Vegan Sweet Potato and Squash Ragout

"Spinach and Ricotta Tortelloni In A Tomato Sauce

"Freshly Prepared Spicy Chilli Bean Burrito Topped With Organic Cheese."

There's even a gluten-free menu, some morning snacks, and dessert in the form of apple pies, jelly pots, and mousses - incredible.

To be honest, this menu probably contains nicer meals than most restaurants that we've actually been to.