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07th Apr 2018

Doughnut fries are a thing and we need to line our stomachs with them

You'll be hungry just looking at them

Jade Hayden


If you don’t like doughnuts, please exit the room to your left leaving all of your belongings because you don’t need things where you’re going (hell).

A slight exaggeration and overreaction perhaps, and yet, this is how strongly we feel about the fried dough-y goodness.

We feel even better about donuts now that we know doughnut fries exist too.

And can you blame us, really? Look at them, like.

So long.

So dough-y.

So fried.

Watch yourself though because hearing the words ‘doughnut’ and ‘fries’ in quick succession may confuse you.

But donuts are fried, you may say.

That doesn’t make any sense, you may whine.

In this case it does though because the origin of the donut fry has come from the United States where fries equal chips.

So, essentially they’re doughnut chips or, if you want to get technical, long and thin-ish donuts.

Either way, they look delicious.

Seeing as these doughnut fries are an American invention, it makes sense then that they’re not actually available here in the UK.

A true tragedy of our times but what can you do?

The doughnuts are the brain-child of popular doughnut chain ‘Dunkin’ Donuts’ – and they’re currently only available in Massachusetts.

Looks like we’re not the only ones being deprived then.