Dairy Milk bars will have 30% less sugar from now on 3 years ago

Dairy Milk bars will have 30% less sugar from now on

Which one will you opt for?

Cadbury have announced that the taste of the beloved Dairy Milk bar is about to change forever.


One of the most iconic chocolate bars of all time will now have 30% less sugar.

Now if this news has caused you to absolutely freak out, don't worry.

It's not all bad.

The original bar will still be available, you will now just have the option of getting a slightly healthier version.

Now that's not so bad, is it? We wouldn't drop a bombshell like this to you on a Friday morning without a bit of good news to go with it.

You'll be able to choose between the original, or one with reduced sugar and increased fibre.


Which will you choose?

We're happy enough with the taste of the original, but maybe the more healthy version could help us achieve that summer bod we've been after.

Speaking to The Guardian, Glenn Caton, president of Northern Europe of Mondelēz International, the US multinational company that bought Cadbury in 2010, remained optimistic that consumers would love the new taste, saying:

"We've tested this with hundreds of consumers and they love it."

Caton maintained that getting rid of the current recipe entirely would have been a bad idea, saying: "Consumers love original Cadbury Dairy Milk. We want to offer this as a choice, not as a replacement to people who want to treat themselves. We think offering 30% less sugar is a more balanced approach than doing something controversial like taking Cadbury Dairy Milk away.”


He's dead right too...