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27th Jan 2019

Car crashes through Wetherspoons wall, punters still show up for pints


A Wetherspoons pub in Dewsbury was demolished by a car on Saturday

Say what you like about Wetherspoons’ owner Tim Martin – a man with political views as dodgy as his hair cut – Spoons is Spoons and despite the Jäger being swapped out for Strika and Champagne being switched out for English sparkling, it’s unlikely many of us are going to stop showing up there any time soon.

In fact, if you want a very real example of Brits dedications to the pub chain, look no further than how punters in Dewsbury reacted to the wall of their local, the Time Piece, being demolished on Saturday morning.

The incident happened when a pensioner lost control of their vehicle and veered off the road just before 10am while attempting to pull off a U-turn: smashing through the wall of the pub in their Saab estate. Yes, you read that right.

Luckily nobody inside was hurt in the incident, although witnesses reported that the vehicle narrowly missed a man who had nipped in for some early morning refreshment.  The pensioner was treated for minor injuries.

The chain has now said that the pub will be closed for “the foreseeable future”. Despite this, however, the Dewsbury Examiner reported in the aftermath of the incident that “Wetherspoon’s customers are arriving at The Time Piece pub and asking if they can still come in.”

I guess they don’t mind a draft.

West Yorkshire Police said: “At 9.38am today police received a report of a vehicle which had crashed into The Time Piece pub in Northgate, Dewsbury.

“Emergency services attended and found a grey Saab estate car had gone into the building.

“The elderly driver of the car is receiving medical treatment at the scene, but is not thought to be seriously injured.

“No other injuries have been reported and the vehicle has now been removed.”