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17th Sep 2020

One in 10 Brits think bacon isn’t essential to a Full English

God has deserted us

There have been a lot of instances in recent years in which the public have made their feelings known on a variety of topics. Whether it’s been elections across the world, or even Brexit, people across the world are making their opinions known, for better or worse.

Nothing, though, could have prepared us for this. In 2017, YouGov conducted a poll asking the British public what they believe to be an essential ingredient in a Full English.

Their decision to repost the survey was prompted by the fact that Gordon Ramsay was recently shamed and mocked for introducing a breakfast in his restaurants at a price of £19, which is fucking wild.

Not as wild, however, as the fact that 11 percent of Brits believe that bacon is not an essential ingredient in a fry. Bacon. In a fry. Bear in mind too that this is a survey of people who eat Full English breakfasts, rather than one featuring vegetarians who would opt for meat free options.

Almost as egregious is the fact that close to 20 percent of people believe that sausages are not an essential item in a Full English, which forces us to unfortunately imagine the utterly pathetic breakfasts that Brits are subjecting themselves to on a far too regular basis.

Weirdly, only three other items were deemed essential by more than 50 percent of those asked, and they were toast (73%), beans (71%) and fried eggs (65%).

What does this say about the British people that hasn’t been gleaned already in recent years? Not much, other than the fact that people have their own opinions and tastes, and some of them are extremely wrong.