Asda launch Christmas snack which is basically just a giant Lunchable - and it looks unreal 7 months ago

Asda launch Christmas snack which is basically just a giant Lunchable - and it looks unreal

Asda is pulling at those nostalgia heartstrings - and it might be working

Asda has launched a brand new Christmas snack which is bringing back some serious nostalgia for those of us who had the pleasure of eating Dairylea Lunchables as a kid - or adult, no judgement here.


Coming in at only £5, there isn't a better moment to buy a sharing dish as a cheeky afternoon snack to eat all by yourself. Replicating the mini-sandwich kit formula that made Dairylea Lunchables the must-have playground snack, Asda's new snack platters come with meat, crackers, cheese - basically everything you need to stop hunger in its tracks.

Screw getting presents for the extended family... bulk buy these beauties and treat yourself this Crimbo. Images of the new snack selection were shared on Facebook - and presumably, mums across the country began fighting over them in Asda shortly afterwards.


In your selection, you get slices of medium cheddar and spicy cheese, ham, chicken and cracker bites.

Since being posted to the Extreme Bargains and Savings Facebook page, the post has garnered over 1.7k comments and just under a thousand shares.

"Omg wrap this up as my main bday present please," wrote one hungry coupon-er.

"Now would you take a look at this little box of pleasure," posted another, who clearly has a much closer relationship with food than most of us.


Many people are posting about the time-old Crimbo tradition of a feast in the evening - and when we say feast, we mean it. There is something innately British about stuffing yourself with Christmas dinner only to turn to snacky bits and sausage rolls only a few hours later - but still, we persist.

With Facebook mums now educated on the snack box, it's only a matter of time before they vanish from Asda shelves for good. However, you could just buy the elements separately and create your own?

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