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07th Jan 2016

WWE boss Vince McMahon is in terrifying shape for a 71-year-old – this is why

This is the punishing back workout he does...

Ben Kenyon

What kind of shape is your granddad in?

We bet he’s not got a six-pack, pecks of a 20-year-old bodybuilder and still shifting 315lb barbells for fun like WWE chief Vince McMahon, who is 71 years old.

Rather than spending his golden years pottering in the garden, doing Sudoku and taking life a little easier, McMahon is still smashing it at the gym.

The septuagenarian is putting us all to shame this January as he features in Muscle & Fitness magazine’s New Year issue.

The billionaire former wrestler trains seven days a week with a split of chest, shoulders, arms, legs and back – which is his strongest point.

The US magazine has given us a taste of how he has honed that impressive back with giant sets. It sounds pretty nasty.

“On the bent-over row he can do 315 for 10 reps,” McMahon’s trainer and workout partner Mike Monteforte told Muscle & Fitness. “He has unbelievable strength in his back.”

His work rate is phenomenal – he performs three giant sets containing three different exercises in each.

The magazine said his first set consists of lat pull-downs, bent-over barbell rows and dumbbell shrugs for 15 reps with no rest in between.

He moves onto his second and third giant sets, which are detailed here, for 15 reps before coming back to giant set number one, upping the weight and hitting it for 12 reps.

He then does it all again with a heavier weight for 10 reps.

But if you thought the former WWF Champion was done there, think again.

Next up is a CrossFit-style performance workout with battle rope slams, sled drags, sledgehammer swings and sprints. And just in case he’s not completely ruined, he finishes off his 90-minute session with an ab workout.

We’re handing our gym memberships in. We cannot compete with this.