This Londoner shed 75% of his body fat in 12 weeks by simple diet change (Pic) 4 years ago

This Londoner shed 75% of his body fat in 12 weeks by simple diet change (Pic)

This will make you think about what you're eating.

One tweak to his diet and some solid training and this guy transformed his entire physique.

Cheshire lad Matt Hoather piled on the pounds when he got a new job in London working long hours in the City with no gym nearby.

Eating shop-bought sandwiches, chocolates, chips and cereal wasn't kind to his waistline - to be fair, Matt wasn't terribly out of shape, but his body fat went up to 22%.

However the 25-year-old managed to shed three quarters of that and bring his body fat down to single digit 5% figure - which is the domain of fitness models and bodybuilders.

The best part of it is he achieved this impressive transformation in just 12 weeks.


How the hell did he do it then?

A good old-fashioned clean up of his diet was a huge factor. He switched from processed food, sandwiches and snacks to lean meats, vegetables, nuts and oily fish - oh, and he also ate steak for breakfast.

This is the comparison between his meals before and after his body transformation...

Alongside his new diet, which was tailored by Embody Fitness in London, the PTs at the Bank studio created a training plan for him.

He consistently stuck to his eating plan and exercise regime for a full 12 weeks and he got some serious results.


"I was not a slim child and I had gone through a lot of effort in the past to lose weight so I did not want to fall into old habits," he said.

"I got a new job with a new employer, in an area I really wanted to work in, and in a much better location. I decided that this should be a fresh start, and put all the past stress and weight gain behind me.

"Even after previous weight loss efforts, I had never in my life achieved a 'six pack body' and I really wanted to see if I could achieve it in time for summer, as it always seemed too good to be true.

"The team at Embody were fantastic. They made sure I stayed on track and I ended up sticking to the diet and exercise plan for them as much as me in the end."