This British dad quit his job to make a healthier Nutella alternative 2 years ago

This British dad quit his job to make a healthier Nutella alternative

We all love Nutella a lot.

That heavenly chocolate hazelnut spread is grand on toast, in a hot drink or straight out the jar with a spoon when no-one's looking.

Hell, slap it on a brick and we'd probably still eat it.

The only one real drawback is the amount of sugar that's in there - and there's a lot.

In every 100g of the chocolatey brown stuff there's a staggering 54 g of sugar - that's 13.5 sugar cubes worth (not to mention 32g of fat). Adults are supposed to consume no more than 30g a day, according to health guidelines.

But now a father of five from Essex has created a much favourite version which is much healthier than the real thing and its competitors.

Kevin Bath, who gave up a job in banking, is now making a low sugar alternative with his company Jim Jams.

While he says a whole jar of Nutella has 54 cubes of sugar in total, his contains 83% less of the sweet stuff.


'My two youngest children both absolutely loved Nutella and we as a family, I think like many others, were looking at cutting our sugar consumption,' he told the Daily Mail.

'I was shocked at the amount of sugar in Nutella, so I thought it's time to come up with an alternative.

'The fact is Nutella sales were going through the roof and when we looked at it, it contained 57 sugar cubes.

'The Cadbury's alternative was exactly the same amount of sugar and the own brands from Tesco and Asda were worse.

'Even with the Weight Watchers alternative, you're still talking more than 50% sugar.

'When we looked around for healthier alternatives, nothing really stood out, so we thought 'here's a gap in the market.

'Our chocolate spread has 83% less sugar than others.'

Take our money. Take our money right now. Take it all.

To help cut down your sugar intake you can download the NHS Change4Life 'Sugar Smart' App right here.