This 24-year-old lost 6-stone after a girl called him 'fat' on a night out 4 years ago

This 24-year-old lost 6-stone after a girl called him 'fat' on a night out

When Alex Egleton was called 'fat' you could forgive him for getting angry or upset.

But instead the 24-year-old used the cruel insult from a girl on a night out as motivation to change his life.

The Felixstowe rail worker said it was a wake-up call which helped him shed nearly a third of his 18-stone frame to weight in at a lean 12 stone 3lbs.

"I used to weigh 18 stone when I was 18 and realised I needed to lose weight when I got called fat on a night out with my mates by a girl," he said.

"I wasn’t even interested in the girl, but it made me realise that maybe that's just the way people saw me."

This one nasty comment has propelled him to lose around six stone by changing his diet, his lifestyle and his training.

Alex 4 before

The first thing that went were the bacon rolls and late night takeaways and a switch to a healthy diet underpinned his body transformation.

Whereas he was having bacon butties for breakfast, shop-bought sandwiches and crisps for lunch and takeaways for tea (and snacking on chocolate bars in between), his new diet was packed with protein and good carbs.

Now he starts the day with oats and a protein shake, has grilled chicken salad on pitta on his lunch break and tucks into a tuna jacket potato in the evening.

"Diet-wise, I couldn't really cut out too many carbs because of the amounts of cardio etc I was doing so it was more of a calorie deficit that helped me achieve my goals," he explained.

"I am eating quite a lot of protein, not many fats and good amounts of carbs. I'd stop drinking for months on end, just to kill the bloating feelings the next day and also the 3am kebab shop visits.

"I'd stopped myself from going out all together after a while, as going out sober with your friends isn't always fun. I do try and treat myself from time to time, but always work it into my daily allowances and into my fitness plans for the day."

Alex1 After

Alex, who got his new training and eating regime from the LDN Muscle Cutting Guide, revolutionised his training too.

He is now going to the gym six times a week on top of football training and games he plays in.

"When at the gym, I'll follow the LDN Muscle cutting guide for the weight training and then hop onto the bike for 30 to 45 minutes for some light cardio.

"I use my football training and matches as my two HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) cardio sessions each week, but if I miss a match then I'll try go for a run or do a HIIT cardio session on the treadmill or bike at the gym.

"Most Saturday mornings I'd go into the pool after a workout, and just stretch my legs out by doing walking lengths and lunges - I've never really been a fan of swimming - and then relax in the sauna, steam room & Jacuzzi. I really do enjoy the 'me time'."

Alex7 After

But the achievement Alex is most proud of is finally getting a six pack. It's something he has worked incredibly hard on - and he say that getting a cut mid-section requires some serious core work.

"My favourite workout would always be the days abs were included. My stomach was always my least liked part of my body, so it was always more satisfying to feel the burn there over others.

"Especially when I started to see the ab muscles peaking through the body fat. I know that focusing on one area won't burn fat quicker there, but it made me feel so good and happy about what I was doing when I could feel those aches and pains the next day."

Having become hooked on the guides, Alex has progressed through the first two volumes and is now halfway through the third and shows no sign of stopping - thanks in large part to the support he gets from friends and family, who are amazed by the results he has achieved. 

"My family have always helped and backed me every step of the way. I'm also very lucky to have a great set of friends who understand when I can't go out for meals and drinks with them all of the time."

Alex is a true inspiration to all of us.

Alex8 After