These weird foods can actually help to cure your hangover 5 years ago

These weird foods can actually help to cure your hangover

The dreaded hangover is the price we all have to pay for a booze-fuelled night out - especially on a Bank Holiday weekend - but sometimes they are just unbearable.

More often than not, a craving for junk food goes hand in hand with any hangover. But instead of stuffing your face with sweets and crisps or the sacred greasy fry, there could be a better idea.


Here are some of the more unusual hangover-busting foods that will help to kick the nasty post-alcohol cravings, and maybe even help you on your way to the cure:


Pickled gherkins are a great hangover snack. They may be weird things to eat the morning after but they are rich in vitamin A, calcium, manganese, iron, vitamin K, and potassium.

Alcohol deprives the body of these nutrients on a night out so pickled gherkins are a good way of restocking your body.



This ingredient is said to reduce feelings of nausea. Grate some fresh ginger into a mug of hot water or indulge in a glass of ginger ale. Ginger is also a great antioxidant and will speed up your recovery.




Honey is full of fructose, glucose, potassium and sodium, which are great nutrients to help your body break down the alcohol in your system. Spread it on toast to help relieve your nausea and headache.




There is a reason why the tomato is a key ingredient in Bloody Marys. Blitz them up in your blender for a hangover smashing drink. Tomatoes contain vitamin C and glutathione, which helps your body process the remaining alcohol in your blood.




Love it or hate it, but Marmite is apparently great for shaking particularly bad hangovers. The spread contains salt, vitamin B and folic acid, which are all depleted after a night on the beer.

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