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19th Jun 2015

The Mountain from Game of Thrones becomes Iceland’s Strongest Man for fifth time

These victories are 'Mountain' up...

Ben Kenyon

When The Mountain is not crushing skulls and slaying blokes in Game of Thrones, you’ll find him lifting heavy stuff. Really heavy stuff.

Real name Hafthor Bjornsson, who plays murderous brute Gregor Clegane in the TV series, he’s a strongman champion in his native Iceland – as well as Europe’s Strongest Man 2014.

Not satisfied with winning Iceland’s Strongest Man title four years running, he returned to his homeland to win it again.

They might as well have saved him the flight money and just crowned him champion beforehand.

In what looks like a local park, with young mums and villagers looking on, Bjornsson makes short work of the Atlas stones – picking them up and plonking them on some wooden crates as if they were Iceland shopping bags.

The 6ft 9in behemoth then pulls off a textbook shirt rip. Still, at least it saves him on the washing.

But what’s even better than seeing Bjornsson lifting huge rocks and then going all Hulk Hogan down the park, is this US man’s reaction.

He posted a rather ill-researched YouTube video where he just about gets Bjornsson’s fictional name right…and that’s it.

Who knew the Icelandic giant was the strongest man in Ireland too?

H/T Bleacher Report