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05th Jul 2019

Seven ‘bad’ foods that aren’t as unhealthy as you’d think

Weight loss is more about overall calories than cutting specific foods. In fact, many of the meals you'd consider 'unhealthy' aren't that bad for you at all

Alex Roberts

For weight loss, what works best is a balanced diet mindful of calorie intake

This is nothing new, but still people obsess over specific foods rather than the overall amount of food being consumed.

It turns out that many of the meals you’d consider ‘unhealthy’ really aren’t that bad for you at all.

Ben Coomber, performance nutritionist and influencer has revealed seven foods that, while generally assumed to be unhealthy, actually pack a nutritional punch.

1. White potatoes

“Often deemed as unhealthier than its relative the sweet potato, white potatoes are rich in fibre, potassium and vitamin C. White potatoes are also even more filling than the sweet variety, meaning you need to eat less of them to feel full.”

2. Pasta

“Despite popular opinion, carbs are good for us. Pasta is a fantastic source of easy, cheap and versatile carbohydrates. If the whole-wheat version is chosen, protein is also being added onto your meal.”

3. Fruit juice

“Everyone knows that fruit juice is full of sugar, even though most of it is natural. Sugar, like everything, is necessary for every diet as long as it’s taken in moderation. Fruit juice is also packed full of vitamins and minerals so don’t be afraid to reach for a glass from time to time.”

4. Bread

“When you cut out bread you’re removing sandwiches, toast and pizza from your diet – all of which come with unhealthy ingredients. But bread alone is a good source of nutrients, is very filling and can be cheap and convenient. Like pasta, whole-wheat bread can provide your body with even more goodness.”

5. Popcorn

“Many people think of this cinema snack as one that can only be enjoyed covered in sugar, but popcorn is one of the lowest calorie snacks, with a large bag containing half the number of calories than a bag of crisps. Although not full of nutrients, its ability to fill you up without the need to turn to a chocolate bar is perfect.”

6. Cheese

“Considered full of fat, cheese can often be snubbed by those controlling their diet. Like everything, eating cheese in proportion can aid your diet and help boost your body.

“A rich source of calcium and B vitamins which help with energy production, the bugs and microbes which cover cheese are really beneficial to your body’s internal working and gut health. Just be mindful of calories and opt for a small portion.”

7. Baked beans

“One of the nation’s favourite toast toppings, a large tin of baked beans can provide 350 calories, but this is far from unhealthy.

“Beans can also give you just under 40g of complex carbohydrates, 15g of fibre and 20g of protein. Although the 20g of sugar is high, in comparison to everything else the beans are providing you with, they’re okay for a tasty treat.”

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