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09th Jul 2019

Six-year-old Russian boy wins a flat for his family by doing 3,270 press-ups

Six-year-old Ibrahim Lyanov, from Magas in Russia, won his family a new apartment by performing 3,270 press-ups in two hours

Alex Roberts

Getting your foot on the property ladder is tough enough as it is

But one six-year-old Russian boy took things to the extreme to get rewarded with an apartment. He didn’t spend a single penny of his pocket money. Instead, he performed 3,270 press-ups and was given a new flat for his family.

What’s more, the young lad finished the feat in just two hours. Incredible stuff.

Six-year-old Ibrahim Lyanov, from Magas in Russia, performed all of the press-ups consecutively. This makes the minute you take in between bench press sets pale in comparison, doesn’t it?

However, Ibrahim didn’t stop at 3,270 – that was just the Russian record. He actually finished with a grand total of 4,445 press-ups.

The next day must have brought about some serious chest and triceps DOMS.

What is a good standard of fitness for press-ups?

It goes without saying that getting to the 3,000 mark is simply astonishing. A generally good standard of press-up fitness is, understandably, much lower.

In a single minute, 20-25 is ok, and should be doable for most people in fine health. 40 is good, and 60+ is excellent.

Do you really need to do press-ups at the gym?

The humble press-up is a great way of testing bodyweight strength and endurance, plus research shows they are linked to better general health too.

The more you can do, the lower your chances of suffering a heart attack.

Harvard University found that firefighters who could perform 40 or more press-ups had a 97% reduced risk of future heart attacks and heart disease.

One of the quintessential bodyweight exercises, press-ups are certainly worth including in your training plan regardless of your specific goal.

They work your pecs, triceps and shoulders, and you can even progress on the lift by adding weight plates to your back. When all the benches are taken at the gym, it’s exercises such as press ups and tricep dips which allow you to work the same target muscles.

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