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19th Nov 2018

Protein advent calendar launches for festive fitness fanatics

One company have released a pretty impressive protein advent calendar to help you hit those macros over the festive period

Alex Roberts

Staying in shape around Christmas is often a tricky task, but the situation could be set to change

It’s expected that you’ll eat and drink too much over the winter months. It can be good to have your downtime, too. But now one brand has gone a little further to make festive indulgence more about damage limitation.

Boostbox have launched a pretty impressive protein advent calendar to help you hit your macros with a treat over the festive period.

Recent years have seen a shift towards alternative advent calendars. Coupled with the huge growth of the fitness industry and mass expansion of gym memberships, protein advent calendars are now a firm option for gym goers everywhere.

Presented in bold, energetic blue with a stylised Christmas ribbon on the front, the Boostbox calendar isn’t as thin or as small as a typical advent calendar. But that’s a good thing. It’s a deep-filled box with a premium, protein-packed snack behind each door.

Brands you can treat yourself to include:

  • PhD
  • Dr Zak’s
  • Battle Oats
  • Mountain Joe’s
  • Pulsin
  • Boostballs
  • Warrior

There’s an average 15 grams of protein per treat, which can help you keep your macro targets in check. The calendar retails for £39.99, but the products within have a retail value of well over £60.

The Boostbox calendar is the brainchild of university pals Curt Weston and Sam Burke, both passionate about health and fitness.

Burke speaks of how the calendar can aid training over the festive period:

“The main challenges are eating right and fitting your fitness in, especially with the hangovers post-Christmas party.

“December is an incredibly social time when you are more likely to eat out and have a drink or two. And the cold, dark mornings make it much more difficult to motivate yourself to get to the gym.

“Just try and remember that serious progress can be made over winter so when summer comes around you’ll already have been smashing your goals for months.”

Also included in with the calendar are discount codes for many of the brands found inside.

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