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08th Jul 2019

Personal trainers share their weirdest client requests

From bare-chested wrestling to being asked for help with Tinder, personal trainers are often on the receiving end of some strange client demands

Alex Roberts

Personal Trainers

From bare-chested wrestling to being asked for help with Tinder, fitness pros are often on the receiving end of some strange client demands

Europe’s leading online local services marketplace has revealed the top ten strangest requests its personal trainers have received from clients. surveyed over 2,000 PTs to find out the weirdest requests they’ve had from clients, including strange behaviour and the most unusual places clients have asked for a PT session.

The top 10 strangest requests include bare-chested wrestling, to hold the client’s face while exercising and being asked to message someone on Tinder on behalf of the client.

As for the weirdest places people have requested a training session, one trainer said a client was so shy she insisted on booking a racquetball court at 6am to avoid being seen.

The top ten weirdest requests personal trainers have received from clients are:

  1. Training sessions without clothes
  2. Bare-chested wrestling
  3. Intimate relations with the client
  4. Message a man on Tinder on behalf of the client
  5. Glute massages after every session
  6. To not sweat during the workout
  7. Implement a safe word
  8. To not make any eye contact during the session
  9. Hold the client’s face while doing exercises
  10. Scream offensive language at the client during the session

The full results of the survey can be viewed here.

Personal trainers also revealed some of the most inappropriate behaviour they’ve experienced, such as a client getting undressed before a workout while they changed, discussing the details of their affair and being sent explicit photos.


There are more than 3,400 personal trainers currently active on across the country, working across weight management, nutrition, fitness, muscle building and various types of sport-specific training. connects customers with local professionals for any project, including accountants, cleaners, personal trainers and plumbers.

How to spot a bad personal trainer

Personal trainers are sometimes guilty of overstepping the mark, too. As is the case with any other trade, there are both good and bad PTs out there. Learn to spot the worst personal trainer traits and avoid those guilty of displaying them.

Five warning signs you should ditch your PT include:

  1. They aren’t paying enough attention to you during training sessions
  2. They sell cookie cutter diet plans
  3. Inappropriate client relationships
  4. Selling ineffective and / or harmful supplements
  5. Pushing fad diets and gimmicky training methods

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