It's official - listening to music makes you lift heavier weights 1 year ago

It's official - listening to music makes you lift heavier weights

Listening to music boosts your weightlifting performance

Donning a pair of headphones and blocking out the world is an easy way to improve your cardio, but now science has shown it can help you lift heavier and for longer too.

Music has long been assumed to enhance training performance, but now scientists have established a firm link.

This was put to the test at Samford University.

Researchers took 12 men with training experience and put them through a bench press test. While pumping iron, the 12 either listened to their preferred playlist or non-preferred tunes.

They were tasked with performing as many reps as possible with 75% of their one rep max (1RM).

Results showed listening to your preferred music boosted number of bench press reps, as well as velocity and power.

What's more, music also drastically improved motivation to go and work out. If you're struggling to get to the gym after a tough day at work then take some tunes and it'll help.

Put simply - those listening to their personal faves hit their personal bests. The study's authors said:

'Current findings suggest that listening to preferred music by the individual results in greater performance than nonpreferred during resistance exercise. Athletes may benefit from the option to listen to their preferred music to increase motivation and resistance exercise performance.'

If you're looking to take your workouts to the next level then science shows your preferred music has a benefit. Plus, the pain of getting to the gym and realising you've forgotten your headphones is a real downer.

Want a quick fix? We've put together a JOE Gym Playlist to help you out. Give it a listen, and get ready to experience all kinds of gains.

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