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29th Apr 2015

Infographic: Here’s how to stop your girlfriend snoring (without a pillow)

Good old science...

Ben Kenyon

It’s 4am and you can’t sleep because your girlfriend is snoring away like a truculent hog.

If you’re reaching for a pillow to stifle those porcine snores, then stop.

Science may just have the answer.

The guys at Sleep Matters have come up with this handy infographic to get to the root of the problem without having to resort to extreme measures.

Things that can make snoring worse are drink and drugs, smoking, being overweight or just simply sleeping on your side.

beer animated GIF

But Sleep Matters offer some novel cures including learning the didgeridoo, buying your partner a body pillow or putting books under the top end of the mattress to elevate their head to a better sleeping position.

No mention of holding their nose or smothering them with a pillow though.

Sweet dreams…