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02nd Apr 2015

Great news: Eating bacon ‘can prolong your life’

Science is the best...


And now for some positive porcine news.

Bacon may have the ability to prolong your life, according to research conducted by scientists at ETH Zurich.

Tasty rashers of pig flesh are full of niacin – known also as Vitamin B3 – which is linked with a longer life span, apparently.

Energy Metabolism Prof Michael Ristow and his team fed roundworms niacin and discovered that the creatures lived around one-tenth longer than their B3-deprived compatriots.

JOE understands those poor souls who don’t eat bacon can find the vitamin in peanuts, paprika, sun-dried tomatoes and Marmite. Ingredients which – with added bacon and cheese – would make an epic toasted sarnie.

So there you have it: Bacon can give you a longer life. Sort of.

Tuck in.