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30th Apr 2015

Going on a diet? Scientists have worked out how to ‘switch off’ hunger…

Put down the fork. Put down the fork...

Eoghan Doherty

Or rather, they’ve discovered a neural basis for melanocortin-4 receptor–regulated appetite. Not quite as catchy…

Scientists at Harvard have discovered how to stop the sensation of hunger.

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According to a paper published in the journal Nature Neuroscience, the big-brained boffins have identified the neural network in the brain which controls hunger, and even managed to stimulate the neural networks in the brains of mice, making them feel full when they haven’t eaten.

It’s suggested this breakthrough could be used to treat obesity.

Research showed that activating the simply-named melanoncortin 4 receptor-regulated (MC4R) circuit in the brain could potentially help people diet without having to actually experience the sensation of dieting.

This is supposedly the first breakthrough step towards a drug which could possibly alter your brain’s desire for food, although it’s important to note that your stomach will still be craving food.

H/T The Metro