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25th Mar 2015

Former World’s Strongest Man looking super-lean as a cage fighter

We certainly wouldn't like to take a punch off him...

Ben Kenyon

Anyone who’s a fan of World’s Strongest Man will know the name Mariusz Pudzianowski.

The Polish powerhouse had the strength of an ox and the physique of a bodybuilder – winning five WSM titles between 2002 and 2009. And not a bad tan either.

Pudzianowski is a living strength legend, so when we spotted this photo comparison on Twitter we were amazed.

Pudzianowsk, who is now an MMA fighter, has gone super-streamline since his days of juggling atlas stones and smashing huge log lifts.

The before and after is quite startling. Looking up his stats on the World Wide Web shows he was competing at a massive 142kg in his Strongman prime.

But now as an MMA fighter (with a not-too-shabby record of 8-3-0) he is down at a lean 119kg.

That’s a good three-and-a-half stone drop – although he still fights at super-heavyweight.

Here’s a video of Pudzianowsk mauling fight legend Bob Sapp. Ouch.