Fitness fanatic gets entire home plumbed with whey protein 2 years ago

Fitness fanatic gets entire home plumbed with whey protein

A man from Gloucester has had his entire home plumbed with whey protein, thanks to one company's helping hand

Having whey protein on tap is a dream of many gym goers, and now one man has first-hand experience of what it's like.

Protein plays a key role in muscle building. When your muscle fibres are fatigued from training, consuming protein can help to build and repair the damaged tissue.

Last month, one company asked fitness enthusiasts across the UK to apply to become the first person in the world to have a fully protein-plumbed kitchen tap.

After volunteering to trial the service, 35-year-old gym owner Keith from Gloucester now has access to 30 grams of premixed protein in each glass of water - simply by turning the tap on. After its success, the company behind the protein push is offering the plumbing service to other members of the public.

A fitness fashion brand for athletes, Oxcloth installed the filtration system under the Gloucester man's kitchen sink, which now delivers a sufficient serving of protein per glass of water when the tap is turned on.

The gym owner applied and now three weeks later has chocolate whey protein flowing from his taps.

Since the success of the trial, Oxcloth is offering the tried and tested service to other members of the public.

If you're keen to 'tap' into new gains - in more ways than one - then you can apply here. All you need is to be a homeowner in the UK.

How does it work?

For the system to work, protein powder must be put into the filtration compartment, which sits under the sink. When the tap is turned on, the system mixes the powder with water and pumps it through the tap.

A faint whirring noise can be heard when it’s being used.

The compartment is easy to clean, which should be done regularly, and can be turned off and changed whenever the user likes. The filtration system is easy to install, which only takes 30 minutes, and can be removed just as quickly.

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