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15th Mar 2019

It can take 60% longer to get to sleep if you use your phone before bed

Artificial light can disrupt your circadian rhythm and make it difficult to nod off. These are JOE's top five tips for improving your sleep


Using your phone before bed can make it extremely difficult to nod off

The artificial light from electronic devices wreaks havoc with your circadian rhythm – the body’s natural sleep cycle.

For World Sleep Day, we put together our top five tips for improving your sleep quality and duration.

1. Dim the lights

  • Switch off your devices at least an hour before bed as unnatural light disrupts your circadian rhythm
  • This means it can take up to 60% longer to fall asleep

2. Cut down on caffeine

  • Stick to a 400mg limit – roughly 2-3 Americanos
  • Cut out coffee and energy drinks after 5pm
  • Caffeine releases adrenaline, and this can keep you awake at night

3. Tidy your room

  • A messy bedroom often leads to poor sleep, so keep your room clean
  • Aim for a temperature of 18°c
  • And reduce noise levels by turning off your TV and shutting your windows

4. Avoid large meals

  • These can make you uncomfortable
  • A smaller snack will satisfy your tastebuds without sitting as heavily in your stomach

5. Write a list

  • Relax your mind before bed by writing down tasks you have completed that day