Rian Johnson's Star Wars trilogy is still happening 1 year ago

Rian Johnson's Star Wars trilogy is still happening

The new trilogy from the director of The Last Jedi is still happening

The trilogy of Star Wars films written and directed by Rian Johnson is still happening, despite updates on the films being thin on the ground.


The source for this report is somewhat of an unusual one.

Author Sariah Wilson recently won a charity auction to speak to Johnson, and asked what most Star Wars fans would ask.

"I'm just going to post this now because I can see that I'm going to get a lot of requests," she tweeted. "Yes, Rian's SW trilogy is still on. No dates or timelines because he has other projects going on, but it is happening."



Rian Johnson directed The Last Jedi, which was possibly the most divisive Star Wars film ever. It is also easily the best of the sequel trilogy, and if you disagree you are wrong.


Late last year, a host of new Star Wars TV shows and movies were announced - but there was little info given about Johnson's trilogy, leading many to suggest it had been quietly dropped.

Rian Johnson's most recent film was the brilliant Knives Out.